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We are fully equipped, insured and capable in all fields of tree care and maintenance. Whether you need pruning, felling, stump grinding or palm maintenance, we can do it all for you. With a great passion for arboriculture, we get the job done!

Tree Pruning & Removal

No tree pruning or removal job is too big or too small! Over time, trees deteriorate due to weather conditions, insects or disease, and become dangerous to their surroundings. To avoid risk of damage or injury, these trees will need maintenance or removal. We come to you fully equipped with the best rigging and equipment for quick and efficient tree pruning, as well as tree removal. We also pay special attention to all aspects of safety, so you can be sure that you’re receiving the best possible service.

Stump Removal

If you’ve got a tree stump left behind by a fallen or cut tree, don’t leave it be! The old tree roots can send out sprouts, leading to the growth of new trees. Termites are also attracted to the old stumps, and can spread into nearby structures. Finish the job properly with Logzilla. We’re equipped with the necessary experience and machinery required to get the job done right.

Palm Maintenance

Mature palm trees are a beautiful addition to any garden, but can be too tall for the average homeowner to maintain. If not looked after properly and regularly, palm trees can attract bats and vermin, as well as causing damage to the surrounding area. Avoid injury and property damage by keeping your palms in good shape. We can shape, maintain and clean palms, or remove them if necessary.

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